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Basketball Shirts

Popular Basketball Shirts

Basketball shirts are cool. They're amazing for sports, and they look good and fit in with with any casual outfit. See below some of our favorite basketball shirts.


Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry #30


For Stephen Curry’s number one fans.

Colour: Blue, Yellow | Shirt Type: T-Shirt with Short Sleeves | Quick Drying: Yes | Material: Polyester, Cotton | Size: S-3XL


+ Classic GSW shirt from Curry’s generation

+ Made with 95% polyester for amazing breathability

+ Golden State Warriors and Curry 30 branding on the front and back

Stephen Curry has risen in popularity ever since he joined the Golden State Warriors.

His iconic 3-point shooting skills have wowed audiences ever since, and he even got other players to follow his playing style. If you are one of his fans, this basketball training shirt could help give you a boost during practice sessions.

It may give you the confidence boost you need and improve your skills at a much quicker pace. The shirt is made of 95% polyester, which means it is breathable and quick-drying.

The Warriors’ logo and Curry’s number are printed on the front and back, making it look and feel authentic.


Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James #23 Quick Drying T-Shirt


Representing Lebron’s best season with the Lakers.

Colour: Yellow, Purple | Shirt Type: T-Shirt with Short Sleeves | Quick Drying: Yes | Material: Cotton, Polyester | Size: S-3XL


+ Iconic basketball shirt to celebrate Lebron’s season with the Los Angeles Lakers

+ Comfortable and breathable fabric made of polyester and cotton

+ It can catch up to the latest fashion trends -

The color scheme is not for everyone No one expected Lebron to sign a contract with the Lakers, but he did.

The shirt is made of cotton and polyester, and it has the flashy Lakers colors around it. You can use it while training on any kind of sport because of its comfortable materials, or you can wear it as part of your everyday fashion style.


Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons #25 Basketball Shirt

 Effective training shirt that features the Philadelphia 76ers.

Colour: Blue, Gold, Red, White | Shirt Type: T-Shirt with Short Sleeves | Quick Drying: Yes| Material: Cotton | Size: S-3XL

+ Made of 100% pure breathable cotton

+ Features the same style as Ben Simmons’ #25 basketball uniform

+ Ideal gift for fans and collectors of 76ers jerseys

The Philadelphia 76ers may not be everyone’s favorite team, but Ben Simmons changed things ever since he came into play.

If you are one of Ben Simmons’ fans, this basketball shirt would suit you well during games and training sessions.

It is made of 100% breathable cotton, and it features the same look as his #25 uniform. The design structure is a bit odd though, but if you like it, it would work well as a part of your collection.


Los Angeles Lakers 2020 Finals Champions Locker Room T-Shirt


Exclusive NBA Finals Champions shirt featuring the Los Angeles Lakers.

Color: Black, Yellow, White | Shirt Type: T-Shirt with Short Sleeves | Quick Drying: Yes | Material: Cotton | Size: S-3XL

+ Iconic shirt that celebrates the Lakers’ win at the 2020 Championship

+ Cool hip-hop design

+ Made with 100% cotton for maximum comfortability during exercises and sports games


Since Lebron played for the Lakers, we pretty much expected their win in the 2020 NBA Championship. Because of this, he got another MVP award that served as an additional milestone in his career.

If you want to celebrate his success, you can get this basketball shirt that features Lebron James as the major design element.

It has a cool hip-hop design that can work with your day-to-day attire, or you can use it for an inspiration boost while you’re training.


Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard #2 Basketball T-Shirt

Minimally designed top inspired by Kawhi Leonard’s training shirt.


Color: Dark Blue, White, Red | Shirt Type: T-Shirt with Short Sleeves | Quick Drying: Yes | Material: Cotton | Size: S-3XL


+ Perfect shirt for supporters of the Los Angeles Clippers

+ Minimal and stylish design that can fit with your everyday outfits

+ Its fabric is made of high-quality cotton that absorbs moisture


Since the beginning of his NBA career, Kawhi Leonard has proved his skills without failing by supporting the Los Angeles Clippers.

He is an outstanding player overall, and he gained numerous fans around the world because of his overpowering style.

If you are one of them and you want to show your support, you can get this basketball shirt with his credentials imprinted on it. It is made of high-quality fabric that absorbs moisture, making it useful for games and occasional training.

The design is minimalistic and will not overpower your outfit if you’re planning to wear it for the day.  


Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki #41 Retired Basketball Shirt


Perfect for remembering the Dallas Mavericks’ legend.


Color: Dark Blue, White, Blue | Shirt Type: Jersey | Quick Drying: Yes | Material: Polyester, Wool | Size: S-2XL

+ It resembles Dirk Nowitzki’s legendary retirement jersey

+ Well ventilated design thanks to the polyester fabric

+ Premium sublimation patterns on the back and front

If you like collecting replicas of retired basketball jerseys, this one is a must-buy for you.

This design resembles Dirk Nowitzki’s #41 shirt that he wore during his final game for the Mavericks. It has a well-ventilated design, and the fabric is light because it is made of 100% polyester.

The sublimation patterns on the back and front provide a more premium feel to the jersey, and it also makes it durable.