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Basketball Shoes

Best 10 Basketball Shoes Review 2021

If you are a basketball player, you know that shoes are your biggest investments.

They improve your overall playing experience, you can use them for your daily outfits, and they are fun to collect. If you are looking for a new pair of basketball shoes, there is no need to stress yourself.

Just go through this list of the best kicks in the market, and you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Adidas Harden Vol. 3


Amazing choice for agile players.

Weight: 998 Grams | Sole: Rubber | Colour: Red, Blue, Black | Closure: Lace-up

+ Soft interior because of high-end cushioning

+ Top-notch traction allows agile movements for each user

+ Perfect choice for moving around the court with ease

This pair is James Harden’s most iconic signature sneaker so far.

The traction works well on any court because of the herringbone outsole, and it has a low-to-the-ground Boost cushioning that is comfortable and responsive during use.

Everything feels premium with this shoe, and it is an improvement compared with the previous models in the Adidas Harden series.


Nike Lebron Witness IV

A budget version of the Lebron 17.

Weight: 816 Grams | Sole: Gum Rubber | Colour: Black, Red | Closure: Lace-up

+ Affordable Lebron model that delivers the same premium performance

+ Firm internal cushioning

+ Its exterior is made of durable synthetic material

These shoes are the Lebron 17s’ lower-priced sibling, yet it features almost the same characteristics as the high-end shoes.

It has a firmer cushion compared to the 17s, but the compression and bounce are still good because of the Zoom forefoot unit.


Nike KD 13

The game-changer of Nike’s KD Series.

Weight: 4lbs | Sole: Translucent Gum Rubber | Colour: Black, Grey | Closure: Lace-up

+ Soft and consistent full-length Zoom cushioning

+ Improved stability compared with previous KD shoes

+ Excellent traction because of the translucent gum rubber outsole

Nike KDs have full-length Zoom cushioning for its interior, providing a lot of bounce and response for its users.

Nike took their time with the design and overall, this is a good quality shoe that works well for any basketball player.


Adidas Dame 5

Damian Lillard’s best signature shoe so far.

Weight: 430.91 Grams | Sole: Translucent Gum Rubber | Colour: Dark Purple, Black, Maroon | Closure: Lace-up

+ Remarkable traction, especially on clean courts

+ Responsive full-length Bounce cushions that promote impact protection

+ Comfortable and supportive design

This pair of sneakers is by far the best one from Damian Lillard’s signature line.

The full-length Bounce cushions are responsive and provide outstanding impact protection.

Their traction works well on clean courts, but be mindful because they can be slippery on dusty courts.


Nike Kyrie 6

An “evolved” version of the Kyrie 5.  

Weight: 1.13kg | Sole: Rubber | Colour: Black, Blue, White, Neon Yellow | Closure: Lace-up

+ The shoes promote the improved iconic traction of Nike’s Kyrie Series

+ Amazing Phylon cushioning in the heel that is boosted with Zoom Turbo in the forefoot

+ Soft and comfortable materials support excellent lockdown

Nike’s Kyrie Series has always been an outstanding set of shoes, but the Kyrie 6 surprised players around the world.

Aside from bearing the iconic traction of previous models, these shoes are lined with Phylon and Zoom Turbo cushioning for the insoles.

All of the materials are soft and light, making it the best choice for executing those fancy crossovers you’ve been practising.

Just make sure to add at least a half-inch on the size when you’re buying, because this model runs smaller than the previous ones.


Under Armour Curry 7

For those who are looking for a low-top with intense traction.

Weight: 13.2oz | Sole: Rubber | Colour: White, Black, Grey, Red | Closure: Lace-up

+ Promotes the Curry shoes’ iconic traction

+ It doesn’t gather dust when you’re playing outside

+ Very responsive and supportive low top design

Since Curry shoes are well known for their amazing traction, the Curry 7s deliver the same high-level performance.

Despite the low-top design of the sneakers, their support features are remarkable on the court.

The only downside to this is the unusual pairing of HOVR and Micro-G cushioning, making the interior too firm and lessening the effects of impact protection.

Other than that, the shoes are top-of-the-line selections if you are looking for high-quality low-tops.  


Adidas Marquee Boost

A modern pair of basketball shoes with a retro feel.

Weight: 471.74 Grams | Sole: Translucent Gum Rubber | Colour: Blue, Grey, Moss Green, White | Closure: Lace-up

+ Classic basketball shoe design for maximum comfort in hardwood courts

+ The well-balanced Boost cushions improve impact protection

+ Amazing ankle support

If you are a fan of classic basketball shoes, then this pair will suit you well. Adidas combined modern technology with retro designs to promote the beauty of their shoes back then.

The Boost cushioning secures your feet with astounding impact protection and responsiveness, and the ankle support reduces the risk of injuries while you’re playing.  


Jordan Why Not Zero.3

A flashy pair of sneakers for flashy players.

Weight: 740 Grams | Sole: Rubber | Colour: Grey, Black, Pink | Closure: Lace-up

+ Responsive and smooth runs because of the big Zoom Air forefoot unit

+ Soft heel foam provides extra impact protection, especially with the large Achilles pillows

+ The design is less bulky compared with previous models

This pair is from Russell Westbrook’s signature line, and his flashy playing style reflects them perfectly. Aside from the unique design, these shoes are excellent performers on-court.

The Zoom Air forefoot unit provides a more responsive ride, and the heel cushioning supports the entire lockdown with the help of Achilles pillows.

Its traction is remarkable on clean courts, but you have to be mindful of the lateral sliding on dusty areas.  


Nike Lebron 17

High-end basketball shoes from Nike’s Lebron line.

Weight: 550 Grams | Sole: Translucent Gum Rubber | Colour: Black, Multi-Color | Closure: Lace-up

+ High quality cushioning thanks to the Max Air heel and Zoom forefoot

+ The upper material is made of premium Knitposite

+ Extremely supportive and comfortable shoe for bigger players

This may be one of the high-end shoes in the market, but you will get your money’s worth because of its overall quality.

They combined the Max Air and Zoom units in the heel and forefoot, maximizing bounce and impact protection for an insanely comfortable feel.

The Knitposite material looks and feels good, but it tends to get hot over time. Other than that, this is a remarkable pair of shoes that you will not regret adding to your collection.  


Adidas T-Mac Millenium

New and improved version of the original T-Mac. Weight: 462.66 Grams | Sole: Rubber | Colour: Black, Red, White | Closure: Lace-up

+ Herringbone traction works incredibly on all surfaces

+ Firm Boost cushioning provides a balanced feel

+ The high ankle collar promotes excellent support

The T-Mac Millenium easily made its mark as one of the best basketball shoes today.

Resembling the original features of its predecessor, this pair is an improved version that provides excellent traction on all courts.

The well-balanced Boost cushioning makes everything feel comfortable, and you get a surprising level of support from its high-ankle collar.

The only thing it needs is a bit of time for breaking-in, and after that, you can finally become a beast in the court with these sneakers.