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Hoops for Toddlers

Best 7 Basketball Hoops for Kids & Toddlers

Basketball hoops are getting more and more popular for kids these days.

Most people look at these things like they are plain toys, but actually, they are effective tools to promote exercise for children.

If you are planning to get a basketball hoop for your babies, now is the right time to do it.

Thanks to this detailed list, you can easily find the best items in the market today!


Little Tikes Totsports Easy Score Basketball Set

A stable ring for your energetic kids.

Colour: White, Blue, Red, Black | Material: Plastic, Sand (Base) | Adjustable: No | Balls Included: Yes | Weight: 4.08kg

+ It comes with three balls

+ The ring’s base can be filled with sand for more stability

+ Oversized ring for easier shots

This basketball set is the perfect gift for introducing your kids to the sport. It is made of durable plastic, easy to assemble, and its locks are secure.

You can even add sand to the ring’s base so it won’t stumble as your little ones play.

If you’re thinking that your kids might get frustrated, you don’t have to worry because the hoop is oversized.

They can easily score goals, and the extra balls will keep them from chasing one ball over and over after each shot.


SKLZ Pro Midnight Basketball Hoop (Glow In The Dark)

For kids who love to play at night.

Colour: White, Green | Material: Metal, Polycarbonate | Adjustable: No | Balls Included: Yes | Weight: 1.8kg

+ The ball and ring glows in the dark

+ Durable polycarbonate board

+ The ring has a spring back feature for easier rebounds

This cool basketball hoop easily catches the attention of kids because of its look. It has a stunning glow-in-the-dark design on the ring and the basketball, making it stand out during the night.

The 9-inch hoop allows easy baskets, followed up by a satisfying sound after the ball enters the 8-loop net.


Little Tikes Attach ‘n Play Basketball Set


A space-saving basketball ring.

Colour: White, Blue, Red | Material: Plastic | Adjustable: Yes | Balls Included: Yes | Weight: 680 grams

+ You can adjust the height settings in three levels

+ Easy installation process

+ Folding hoop and net for easier storage

If you are worried about tight spaces, this basketball hoop could work well for you.

It has a compact design for you to easily attach it on the door, and as your kids grow taller, the height adjustment feature makes it easier to set the ring according to their preferred height.  


Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set

A decent standalone ring for a reasonable price.

Colour: White, Red, Blue | Material: Plastic | Adjustable: Yes | Balls Included: Yes | Weight: 2.9kg

+ A budget-friendly option if you are not ready for the bigger brands

+ Adjustable back pole

+ Wider backboard design for easier target practices

This basketball hoop may not be from a big brand, but it delivers an excellent experience.

The back pole is adjustable from the lowest point of 30-inches up to its highest point of 48-inches.

You can also add sand or water to its base, maximising overall stability.


Lifetime Youth Basketball System


Ideal basketball ring for taller kids.

Colour: Black, Red | Material: Steel | Adjustable: Yes | Balls Included: None | Weight: 12.6kg

+ Minimum height is 5 feet, which means it is good for the long term

+ The back pole is made of sturdy metal material

+ Shatterproof backboard

If your kids are a bit taller for their age, this basketball ring will be a good fit. It is easily adjustable from 5-feet to 7.5-feet, ensuring its usability in the long run.

You can also stabilise it with water or sand to make it stable all the time.

For its materials, Lifetime used sturdy metal for its pole and shatterproof materials on the board.


Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-the-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

High-quality door-mounted basketball hoop.

Colour: White, Red | Material: Steel, Polycarbonate | Adjustable: No | Balls Included: Yes | Weight: 1.79kg

+ Amazing kids’ basketball hoop from Spalding

+ Shatter-proof padded polycarbonate board

+ Iconic NBA and Spalding logos printed on the ball and board

This one is a guaranteed kids’ hoop manufactured by Spalding.

Just by looking at the padded polycarbonate backboard, you’ll know that this is a sturdy item. The steel breakaway rim makes dunking feel a lot more aggressive, which means that your kids will enjoy it more.

The package comes with everything you’ll need to set it up. You will even get a nice 5-inch rubber ball to play with it right away.


Global Gizmos Arcade Basketball Hoop

For those who prefer the arcade basketball experience.

Colour: Blue, Yellow | Material: Plastic | Adjustable: No | Balls Included: Yes | Weight: 1.8kg

+ Stable arcade design makes the balls roll back to the player after shooting

+ It is easy to assemble and put away

+ It comes with 2 mini balls and a pump

If your kids love playing on those arcade basketball machines, this package is the perfect gift for them.

This easy-to-assemble structure is made of sturdy plastic materials that stay secured and balanced for a long time.

It also comes with 2 rubber basketballs and a pump so you won’t have to buy them separately.