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Outdoor Basketballs

Best Basketballs for Outdoor Use

Back in the old days where basketball was primarily played on hardwood courts.

These days, however, casual basketball is almost exclusively played outdoors, and so you need the right ball for the best bounce and most accuracy outdoors.

See below our top 6 picks for the Best Outdoor Basketballs that we think are worth looking at:

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber

For playing basketball outdoors, you need a tough and durable rubber ball, and the Mikasa delivers.

The ball offers an outstanding grip with every dribble even in low temperatures or rainy weather, due to the surface pebble pattern. Super product at a low price.


+ Outstanding grip even in wet conditions

+ Resilient rubber

+ Good bargain for its price-to-performance ratio


Spalding NBA Street

Nice ball at a really low entry price point. Does a great job of retaining air pressure in the ball, and staying hard enough to get a good bounce,  even if left outdoors over extended periods.


+ Recommended for starters

+ Perfectly built for outdoor use

+ Excellent grip and handling


Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor

This ball is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Higher quality ball delivers an outstanding playing experience. NBA quality ball. Perfect for amateur athletes or a retired Michael Jordan.


+ Offers superb-quality build

+ Versatile uses for indoor and outdoor

+ Provides excellent playing experience


Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor

Spoiler alert: this has to be one of the best basketballs we have come across, but it only has one caveat on it – it packs quite a weight upon taking it out of the box.

But from a material quality perspective, the weight normally means that it’s made from high-grade materials.

It's UA Gripskin composite leather provides extreme grip and feel on your palms that help you chuck that shot or bust your moves like a pro. It does require some a little breaking-in.

Designed to be used outdoors, peak performance is achieved once it spends its time getting beat down on the ground. And you don’t have to worry a thing about the ball losing form or getting into bad shape.

The nylon windings on the ball help a lot in keeping the ball in shape and the unyielding butyl bladder helps to trap the air pressure inside the ball. With all these features, this becomes the ultimate outdoor basketball


+ UA Gripskin composite leather provides durability

+ Ultimate grip and handling achieved after break-in

+ Nylon windings and butyl bladder add up shape and air retention


Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

This ball is widely used in schools and basketball programs. It offers a good balance of grip, softness, and handling. And it comes in a select variety of colors including an all-black edition.

Its composite leather build doesn’t require a hefty amount of time to break-in and is almost ready to go fresh off the packaging. With its Cushion Core, it provides controllable dribbling while maintaining its form even under extended heavy usage.

It also has grooves a little wider than the average ball, therefore, enhancing its grip and a microfiber pebbling that offers well-balanced handling and suppleness.

Certainly, a masterpiece that offers the best of both worlds from a highly-reputed basketball maker, trusted and well-sought after by athletes and recreational players alike.


+ Comes in an assortment of colors available

+ Well-balanced in terms of build quality and durability

+ Highly used in both professional and recreational games


GlowCity Light Up Basketball

Yes, this basketball lights up. Great for improving your mobility and shooting skills after dark. It has two high-quality LEDs that are activated upon impact as you play. The entire ball illuminates and produces quite a glow.

The best part is the lights turn off on their own after being idle for around 30 seconds. The batteries are rated for up to 30 hours of activity and the package includes a spare set of batteries.

Of course, this ball doesn’t miss out on the essentials of an outdoor basketball.

The LEDs don’t hamper its performance by a bit and are snug and secure inside the ball so no awkward rattling happens as you play as the sun sets.


+ Impact-activated lights that auto-shuts down after 30 sec

+ Doesn’t compromise the playing experience

+ Made with high-quality materials to endure outdoor play