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Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops

Top Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop + Backboard

Basketball is one of the most accessible and fun games that there is to play. All you need is a clear sky, preferably dry ground, a ball, a hoop, and you're good to go.

Here are our top wall-mounted basketball hoops -


#1 Northern Stone Wall Mounted Hoop & Backboard Set


Built from weather-resistant materials, this set will give you this feeling of assurance that it will go the distance.


+ Made from sturdy, weather-resistant materials

+ Comes with screws for setting up

+ Perfect for starters

Key Specifications Backboard size: 90 x 60 x 3cm Rim size: 17 inches


#2 Lifetime 44-inch Impact Basketball Backboard and Rim

That 44-inch backboard sure looks rigid and can take your shots like a pro, but it's not too heavy.

This makes it easy to put up on your wall, roof, eave, or garage. The rim also looks perfect on it as it gives your ball a rebound close to what you get in a regulation-sized basketball hoop set. The best part?

It offers all these features at a reasonable price.

+ High-quality materials and build

+ Good for indoor and outdoor use

+ Lightweight and easy to put up

Key Specifications Backboard size: 112 x 72 cm Rim size: 18 inches


#3 FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

The Forza Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop is a premium quality set up with a generous 60-inch backboard, pseudo-glass build, the 18-inch regulation size rim with spring support, among other things.

The highlight feature of this hoop set is its adjustable height lever that you’d expect only find on portable hoop sets.

For most fixed hoop sets, once you’re done drilling and putting that up, it is built to stay put up there until you replace it or in the worst case, it gets wrecked.

Built with top-notch materials, the Irish climate will pose no threat to this set and your kids will enjoy lots of quality playtime.


+ Offers superb-quality build

+ Adjustable height for various uses

+ Provides close to authentic half-court action

Specifications Backboard size: 152 x 88 cm Rim: 18 inches Weight: 17kg 


#4 Lifetime Steel-Framed Shatterproof, Slam 48" Hoop & Backboard 

Featuring a conventional rectangular backboard, instead of the fan-shaped one gives it a more professional look.

Building on the 44-inch backboard and the rigid steel frame with UV coating, this set provides an excellent playing experience thanks to its Slam-It rim system built to withstand not just shots but also your one-hand tomahawk jams.

With its UV coating on the frame and graphics, rest assured this basketball hoop system will stand up to whatever the Irish weather throws at it.


+ Slam-It rim system allows for some dunking

+ Superb build quality and weather resistance

+ Firm and sturdy upon installation

Specifications Backboard size: 48 inches Rim: 18 inches


#5 BEE-BALL ZY-015 Basketball Hoop 

If we were to look for a basketball hoop set that provides excellent build quality, at a reasonable price, then this is the one that we'd choose. What we like about this one is the 30-cm backboard extension from the wall surface.

It just means that your basketball backboard doesn't get crushed into your wall and is also safer for landings following jumps to the backboard or net.


+ Suitable for ages 7-77, most probably

+ The nice build quality of materials

+ Lightweight and easy to assemble

Specifications Backboard size: 113cm x 73cm Rim: 17.5 inches


#6 BEE-BALL ZY-022 Basketball Backboard 

Another more premium quality hoop set, the ZY-022 offers the NBA-style backboard with spring systems on both the rim and the backboard, allowing the basketball hoop set to take more punishment than usual while keeping it in one piece.

The wall bracket also allows easy height adjustment when needed on top of being durable and stable. This set delivers a fantastic product at an excellent price point.

Weather-resistant materials and rigid build, deliver a superior experience.


+ Durable build and quality of materials

+ Rock-steady grip thanks to the wall mount

+ Easy to assemble and affordable

Specifications Backboard size: 110 x 70 cm Rim: 17.5 inches